ScentAir Acquires UK's leading Scent Marketer - ScentAir UK (Escential Limited)

Wed Nov 4, 2015

ScentAir UK, (London, UK) – ScentAir UK (Escential Limited’s trading brand), the nation’s leading supplier of bespoke scent marketing solutions in the UK and Ireland, is pleased to announce its acquisition by ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing. Headquartered near Heathrow, outside London, ScentAir UK was founded in 2008 in the early stages of today’s booming scent marketing industry. ScentAir, with headquarters in Charlotte, NC, USA has acquired the entire company and intends to build on ScentAir UK’s commercial success as a center of excellence for ScentAir across Europe.

ScentAir UK has long standing experience with world class global brands in retailing, hospitality, automobile and service industries throughout the UK. ScentAir UK Managing Director, Christopher Pratt, explains, “As part of the global ScentAir family, our extensive client base now has access to superb resources. This will help us to accelerate our growth whilst ensuring the latest innovations keep us ahead as we create better solutions and deeper relationships with our clients. We could not be more pleased to be part of the global ScentAir team.”

ScentAir has customers in 109 countries and international headquarters in France and Hong Kong. “For over 20 years, ScentAir has invested in the right people and cutting edge technologies to continually provide best-in-class scent marketing solutions for our customers,” remarked Andrew Kindfuller, ScentAir President and CEO. “The experienced Escential team helps ScentAir instantly strengthen our service capabilities for our clients throughout the UK, the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. At the same time, we will be able to provide enhanced services and support to Escential’s customers. We have a strong history of collaboration with Escential, as evidenced by the ScentAir UK tradename, which means a quick delivery of the new benefits of the acquisition to each other’s customers. This transaction, coupled with our recent acquisition of the Swiss scent marketing company Bourdier Diffusion SA, will further extend our position as the global market leader in this fast growing industry. ”

“I am glad to see this partnership come to fruition. ScentAir gets a strong UK presence in Christopher Pratt and his team. Whilst, the UK team will get an even stronger, resourced backed support from the States.” Remarked David Sanger, ScentAir UK’s founding investor.

Both Kindfuller and Pratt believe this transaction is key to maximizing the exciting growth opportunities that exist in the scent marketing industry. “Every day we receive new inquiries from prospective customers in different industries about the role scent can play in creating deeper and more powerful consumer experiences,” says Kindfuller. “We are committed to working with businesses of all sizes and types to help strengthen the bond between their brand and their consumers.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to leverage the people, technologies, resources and service capabilities of Escential to help us grow more rapidly in the UK and Europe.” added Pablo La Casta, ScentAir’s Senior Vice President, International. “This is an important step in our effort to expand our global business to ensure that we meet the growing demand for scent marketing services in Europe and throughout the rest of the world. ScentAir will continue to provide world class support to our customers in over 100 countries.”

About ScentAir
ScentAir creates over five billion enduring consumer scent impressions each year. Based in Charlotte, NC, ScentAir serves businesses of all types and kinds in 109 countries. It is the largest and most experienced scent marketing company in the world. The company also has corporate offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Paris, Toulouse, Madrid and has a local presence in more than 70 countries.

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