Christopher Pratt
Managing Director

Favourite Film Star:Charlie Chaplin 
Favourite Hobby: The Ballet
Tipple of Choice: Guiness
Favourite Scent: Green Fig

Rebecca Barry
Customer Experience Manager 

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Hobby:Tennis and any sporting activity
Drink of Choice:Pornstar Martini
Favourite Scent:Golden Bamboo
Favourite Quote:"Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up."

Laura MacLeod
PA to Christopher Pratt
Office Manager/Facilities Manager

Favourite Film:Something's Gotta Give
Favourite Hobby:Gym, and walks through the park
Drink of Choice:Gin & Cucumber Fever Tree
Favourite Scent:White Tea & Thyme
Favourite Quote:Believe you can and your half way there

Daniel Riordan
Regional Customer Experience Manager

Favourite Film Star: Tom Hanks
Favourite Hobby: Surfing
Tipple of Choice: Cider
Favourite Scent: Mahogany

Gareth Lamb
Customer Service Manager 

Favourite Film Star:Brad Pitt 
Favourite Hobby: My family 
Tipple of Choice: Coke Zero 
Favourite Scent: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie 


Angie Carr
Sales Support Manager 

Favourite Film:The Goonies
Favourite Hobby:Walking the dogs
Drink of Choice:A nice glass of Shiraz
Favourite Scent:Kashmir
Favourite Quote:Trust no one!

David Spendlove
Service Manager

Favourite Film Star: Audrey Hepburn
Favourite Hobby: Drawing
Tipple of Choice: Dark/Golden Rum
Favourite Scent: Mahogany

Paul Honour
Service Engineer 

Favourite Film Star:Daniel Craig
Favourite Hobby:Photography
Tipple of Choice:San Miguel, G&T
Favourite Scent:Amalfi Coast



Angela Carr 
Sales Support Manager

Favourite Film: The Goonies
Favourite Hobby: Walking the dogs 
Drink of Choice: A nice glass of Shiraz
Favourite Scent: Kashmir
Favourite Quote:Don't worry be happy

Joshua Sansone
Sales Support Coordinator

Favourite Film:Pulp Fiction
Favourite Hobby:Spending time with friends
Drink of Choice:A pint of Blue Moon with a lice of orange
Favourite Scent:Amalfi Coast
Favourite Quote:Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets

Shelley Borthwick
Finance Contractor   

Favourite Film Star:Hugh Jackman
Favourite Hobby:Kick Boxing
Tipple of Choice:Gin & Tonic
Favourite Scent:Pink Grapefruit 

Kate Tomlin
Regional Customer Experience Manager 

Favourite Film Star: Bradley Cooper 
Favourite Hobby: Going to the gym
Tipple of Choice: Gin & Tonic
Favourite Scent:Black Mink

Lynn Jeffery
Operations Manager 

Favourite Film Star: Brad Pitt  
Favourite Hobby:Bungee Jumping 
Tipple of Choice: Gin & Tonic
Favourite Scent: Cobalt 

My-Trang Jaundoo
Financial Controller 

Favourite Film Star:Tom Hanks
Favourite Hobby:Travelling
Tipple of Choice:Fresh Juice
Favourite Scent:White Tea & Fig

Renars Pelcis
Service Engineer 

Favourite Film Star:Johnny Depp
Favourite Hobby:Snowboarding 
Tipple of Choice:Gin & Bitter Lemon
Favourite Scent:A Walk in the Woods

Graham Lee
Service Engineer 

Favourite Film Star:Robert DeNiro
Favourite Hobby:Horseracing & Sports Betting
Tipple of Choice:Beer
Favourite Scent:Citrus Forgere

Barry Wight
Service Engineer 

Favourite Film Star: W.C. Fields 
Favourite Hobby: Keeping music live
Tipple of Choice: Grand Marnier (Cuvee Du Centenaire) 
Favourite Scent:  Citrus Fougere


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