"We've been looking for a system like ScentAir's for years. Customers love the scents and have asked to purchase them."

VP of Visual Merchandising

Since Bloomingdale's opened its doors, the department store has been synonymous with style and innovation. Bloomingdale's is committed to finding new ways to set their stores apart and create alternative shopping venues. Executives were looking for a way to turn their store departments into individual environments distinctive from one another. They realized this would create a unique and memorable shopping experience for their customers.

Bloomingdale's nationwide use ScentAir in multiple locations throughout their stores. The soft scent of Baby Powder speaks to a mother's memory in the infant department. The intimate apparel department is inviting with the soothing scent of Lilac, while Coconut wafts through the swimsuit department. And during the holiday shopping season the scents of Sugar Cookie, Chocolate and Evergreen create a warm and pleasant experience. The use of scent is delivering on Bloomingdale's commitment to lead the way in the retail industry.


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