City of Dreams

"Every day, we receive dozens of compliments on the City of Dreams Rainforest fragrance. It’s a very important part of the overall City of Dreams experience."

VP of Operations
City of Dreams Macau

As one of the largest and certainly one of the most prominent gaming fixtures on earth, the City of Dreams team dreamed big and now they deliver on that dream to their guests. Featuring several world class hotels, casinos and retail concepts on site, guests have so many great experiences to explore.

How does City of Dreams add more to the experience with scent?

ScentAir worked with the City of Dreams team to find the right fragrance for several of the key experiences within the city, including a fabulous signature fragrance called ‘City of Dreams Rainforest’. Macau is truly an international destination and the fragrance must work well no matter where the players and guests come from. ScentAir has the expertise to manage complex projects and add more to the resulting environment and experience.


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